Breakfast – Available from 8.00am to 10.30am daily.

The menu offers familiar western selections.

We are very proud of our homemade goods that feature on the menu including:

  • Muesli – made from local ingredients
  • Yoghurt – natural and delicious
  • Bread – a variety of breads is usually available including: tasty white, healthy whole wheat, colorful carrot
  • Jam – made right here from pineapple, passion fruit and lemon
  • Black Pepper – grown by the pool and freshly ground

Our Daily Menu is available until 3pm, with a selection of fried rice or noodles, toasted sandwiches, pancakes etc.


Our ‘honor’ system for drinks has worked well for us and for guests over the years. The ‘honor’ system means guests can help themselves to drinks at any time and simply write it in their hut’s book for payment when checking out.

We have a selection of cold drinks and teas that you can help yourselves to.

Coffee, fresh and local, can be prepared for you throughout the day and especially popular for breakfast.


On occasion we serve dinner here so when checking in please ask if dinner is available.
We understand that guests like to try local restaurants and street food in town, so please ask for updated information on past guests favorite places for dinner.