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We have four pet dogs at Sang Tong Huts who are, 99% of the time, enjoyed by our guests. Mostly they lay around sleeping, both day and night, and yes, when you first arrive they can be scary. We take this seriously as we understand how this can be for those who are afraid of dogs. We are very sorry if they scare you however once they get use to your scent they will welcome you, pose for photos, lap up your attention to them and any petting that you wish to give them.

If they do bark on your arrival it is best just to stand and let them get your scent. We aim to greet guests too when we hear the dogs so we will not be far away, maybe working in the garden nearby.
There has never been an incident of the dogs hurting anyone, it is all just bluff.
They also have had their required vaccinations and these are updated as required.

The 1% of guests who do not enjoy them have admitted they have a general fear of dogs. Please feel assured their bark is their initial reaction and will dissipate with familiarity.

Travelling the Mae Hong Son loop is a great way to see Mae Hong Son Provence. Travelling either by car or motor bike allows the freedom to stop at the view points along the way. There are numerous places to rent cars or motor bikes in Chiang Mai.

By Mini van from Chiang Mai’s Arcade Bus Station. Leaving every hour on the hour, the mini van costs 250 baht from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son taking 6 hours through some spectacular countryside. This is a mountainous journey with many high points and 100’s of curves.¬†For further information go to Prempracha Transport website.

You can also fly to Mae Hong Son with Bangkok Airways or Kan Air. The flights take only 30 minutes and the view is fabulous.

Plan your trip with the Mae Hong Son Loop map by GT Rider. See our ad that is on the map and head our way when you arrive in Mae Hong Son township.


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