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Sang Tong Huts has provided accommodation to tourists visiting Mae Hong Son since opening on 25 December 1987. Nestled on a hillside on the outer edge of Mae Hong Son city, Sang Tong Huts is the oldest original Guest House in the region.

With a blend of influences from Thailand, Australia and Germany we strive to ensure that the love, passion and serenity of Sang Tong Huts is maintained for the enjoyment of all.

We have wonderful local staff who are very loyal, hard working, and friendly to all. They are like family to us. Currently we have two wonderful young women here, Ying and Noi (above), who keep the huts in a very welcoming condition, help with the gardening and make delicious breakfasts for guests; amongst many other tasks.

Our approach – Sang Tong Huts

Here we could use all the popular phrases such as, ‘Eco’, ‘Organic’, ‘Sustainable’, ‘Community’, ‘Inclusive’ etc, however the way we do things at Sang Tong Huts is just in an old fashioned hard working manner that ensures comfort and joy for all. We let the trees grow, the leaves fall, the frogs croak and the birds sing.
Respect, safety and comfort are key concerns for all. We keep safe by clearing areas close to huts, composting and clearing garden debris and we have added paths with lighting. We have added comfort with European bedding, mosquito nets, western toilets and well appointed bathrooms. We show respect to the local customs and culture by supporting local small businesses, employing local staff, attending local events and more. And since 1987 it all seems to work.

Sang Tong Huts has a unique character and a long lasting appeal to our numerous guests. Many arrive thinking of staying a night or two but soon realise this is the kind of place that is too hard to leave.

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